The Ultimate Guide to Weight Loss.

Note - please refer to your doctor before trying any of these recommendations. I am not a nutritionist or a dietician, but my brain works differently so I can see things that humans overlook. For instance, in the early '60s I discovered how you can easily run faster than anyone, and using that method I don't see any top limit to running speed other than the physics of air drag. I can see that people driving their gasoline-powered cars are stealing 2/3 of their fuel from the commons on account of the oxygen required to burn their fuels. In 1971 I figured out two simple rules to adopt if you want to live in harmony with this planet.

Today's topic is the weight problem.

There's an obesity problem in N. America, including Mexico, USA, Canada, and a lot of Europe as well. Whole cities of obesity- O-B-City. So much for the drive to "end world hunger" - that would probably ensure universal obesity. When parts of you are puffed up like balloons with fat, that's your body trying to tell your brain, "I have no more places to store fat."

Early in March 2020, my favourite spring dress (for the past 7-8 years) did not fit, so my brain said FIX THIS! NOW! My brain can still do this. How about yours? I have (you'll hate this) no excuse for not being a perfect size 10! And a BMI under 20! So I got to work on the problem, figured out the real key to weight loss, got hungry, and did it. My belly had too much belly fat and that is the worst kind, it can begin to control your metabolism so that you live to sustain it! See a recent report on MSN.

See if this works for you - spread out your thumb and fingers, flat on the table. Measure the maximum width (tip-to-tip). Multiply that by pi and that should be your maximum waist-line. Works for me, comes put to 31.5", but I can beat that and be 31", a size 10. Does it work for anyone else, or is it a bogus indicator?

BTW, BMI index is stupid, it should be on a Brix scale, so that if you have an index of 0.95 you float; if you gave an index of 1.05, you sink (like me).

A problem with the typical N. American diet is an improper calcium/phosphorus (Ca/P) balance in the meat and potato diet. Not enough calcium. Unlike in Latin America where people chew on coca leaves to help with their high-starch diet, there is no such remedy here.

And all the heart disease issues? Your heart runs on calcium; on every beat a calcium ion jumps from one side of the membrane to the other. No calcium, guess what? But don't take big doses; break a Ca supplement up amongst several meals. Also, if you are eating excessive protein (i.e. a big steak), it takes another calcium ion out of your circulation to help the kidneys eliminate every extra molecule of protein.

You can't lose weight if you don't drink lots of water. Not coffee, it is anti-water, your mouth thinks it's liquid, but it actually dries you out. Your body has three sources of water - drinking, drawing from your digestive tract, and water extracted in the process of storing fat. With not drinking enough water, you are forcing your body to store more fat, even while exercising! Also, it takes a lot of water to hydrolyze the stored fat into metabolizable energy. Drawing upon your energy stores (fat) requires a surplus of water and periods of hunger, very, very hungry, as long as possible, every day.

There is that TV ad about "you are not yourself when you're hungry", showing an angry monster. Yes you are you when you are hungry! Humans are supposed to be hungry, almost all the time - we're hunters! THIS is the key to weight loss - long periods of being hungry every day. It is difficult to access that stored energy, it's supposed to be difficult, just like it's hard to get coins out of a piggy bank. You can't just dip into energy stores now and then by incremental reductions in how much you eat or by punishing your muscles with workouts. It takes serious hunger to get your body to consider letting out some of the energy stores. So learn to enjoy your new friend, Hunger! But remember, it is doing real work for you, taking off that excess weight.

Eat a big breakfast? You're hooped; you will not have good hunger at all today.

Don't go on a low- or no-fat diet! Your heart runs on fat, it is the only energy source with high enough energy density to run your heart. Your heart gets first dibs on any fats (triglycerides) in circulation. Don't starve your heart!

Say for example you have 100 lbs extra fat, at 3500 cal/lb net stored energy value, translated into food-input level calories, could mean that you consumed, at minimum, an extra meal of almost 2000 calories every day for almost a year. Or, 1000 calories every day for two years (do the math). That's how much too much you ate!

Do you wear a belt or other item or jeans that hold in your stomach for you? After a while, your belly muscles come to depend on that, and just lose their tone. No need for them to do the work anymore! See if you can walk AND hold your gut in. Probably not, many people in the Mid West can't chew gum and walk at the same time!

But here's the root of the whole excess weight issue - You still eat like you did when you were a teenager! Get over it - you don't need as much food anymore, you are not (supposed to be) still growing! But why would you be eating like a teenager? That period in your life is your fall-back time psychologically; it is the time of tremendous tumult on the pathway to being an adult (a dolt). So you return to that behaviour as your default position. Get over it! Close that chapter! Get hungry!

People ask "what's the best execise/activity for loing weight?" Forget about it - that most oten ends up being an excuse to eat more. Only a relatively small portion of your total metabolizable energy goes toward moving around, and you can't increase that very much, unless you are doing heavy work every day or you are a trained athlete, and even then you are as likely to be draining energy away from bodily repair as from stored fat.

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Written by Kathleen McCroskey
Last update 2021-06-30

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