What's the real lesson from the pandemic?

This pandemic is Mother Nature's Climate Action Plan, her logical response to yet another human mono-crop, this time the human population instead of the regular agricultural mono-crops.

Isn't it amazing, the difference in response between the previous year (2019), when only the planet was dying and the next year, (2020) when HUMANS are dying?

What we have done to combat the virus is exactly the first steps to mitigating climate change, but world leaders would not act in the past for fear of disrupting the economy. The economy is now ruined, so that excuse is bogus; let's move forward rebuilding a green economy devoid of air travel (which facilitated the spread)and tourism and unnecessary consumerism.

My main point economically, is that a major part of the economy exists merely for the relief of human boredom, it is truly non-essential activity. The COVID issue demonstrates the low numbers of workers that are truly "essential" and how poorly they are treated and paid for their work.

This is not a once-in-a-generation opportunity, this is a once-in-history chance to correct past errors, if anyone has the leadership capabilities to start that process, but likely the business-government-1% complex will attempt to return to "normal" ASAP. This is how the death of the planet truly came about. Note that humans have not passed a law making them exempt from extinction.

And now, in the aftermath of huge govt spending to prop up the economy, nobody will have any money to spend on climate change for at least 2-3 generations, debt will have to be repaid. Oops, that's 2100 already!

Debt is a huge social problem, it is the new form of slavery. An interesting but little-known fact about debt is that, once created, it is permanent, and can only be transferred from one person or place to another. What is the biggest export of the USA? Debt! The burden of international debt is the main driver of world-wide environmental destruction and is the flip-side of colonialism - countries have to sell their "furniture" to pay the "rent" to the colonial powers. Debt can only be abolished when 1) paid back, 2) defaulted on or 3) forgiven. Otherwise it is just passed from one to another and should never have been created in the first place. The problem is massive world, government, business and personal debt and on top of all that, environmental debt, all incurred because ALL PEOPLES attempt to live beyond their means and have borrowed (stolen) from all future generations (financially and environmentally from Life itself) and now need about 7 planets to maintain our lifestyles.

Recently an author was claiming that the thing that separates humans from animals is our use of fossil fuels instead of living on ongoing energy inputs from the Sun. But this is incorrect and is the result of shallow thinking. As I discovered back in 1971 and have said for years now, in an attempt to boil it down to two simple rules for humans to adopt in order to live in harmony with this planet, it is the use of fire itself- do not use fire for anything except cooking (and the other rule - do not dig deeper than 6" into the ground). It is the use of fire which sets humans apart from animals. But without the use of fire, we are "pushed back" into subsistence living - oh wait, that's just what animals have to do!

Due to the human population bubble (over-population), we will need ongoing biosecurity until the population bubble winds down.

As we know from the experiences with bird flu and swine diseases, in any large animal mono-crop we need heightened biosecurity measures to avoid disaster and losses. So we undertake such measures as prohibiting visitors to our barns, and avoid bringing in new pigs into our barns except via defined quarantine protocols. We sanitize our footwear, and ensure feed trucks are clean and take special measures with manure and other wastes. Bear in mind I am actually taking about the human population here, not actual pigs.

Given that we ignored all previous warnings about over-population, we can forget about returning to "normal" as many so-called leaders describe it these days. "Normal" was actually an extension of the 1960s well past its best-before date. Since we are now stuck with existing in this population bubble, from now on "Normal" consists of permanent on-going biosecurity measures just as we enact for our animal mono-crops. You just don't move pigs between barns willy-nilly; you just don't have visitors to your barns anymore. By "barns" I mean countries. This pandemic is Mother Nature's Climate Action Plan, and her logical response to yet another large-scale mono-crop, this time the human population bubble instead of the regular agricultural mono-crops.

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