Sautéed Zucchinis

It's "place-a-zucchini-on-a-porch day", or you have too many from your garden - what to do?
Try this simple way to cook them! This is so good we can eat it every day.
Preparation time, 6 minutes; Cooking time, 25 minutes. Serves 4

900g                   Zucchini, sliced                2 lb
1                    medium shallot, sliced               1
30mL                        Water                    2 Tbsp
30mL                        Butter                   2 Tbsp
5mL                         salt                      1 tsp
1                        garlic clove                     1
45mL                shredded parmesan cheese         3 Tbsp

Use your best butter. Place butter and equal amount of water in your Mauviel 2-litre sauté pan with the shallot slices. Cook over low heat until shallots are milk-coloured but not browned and do not brown the butter.

Add sliced zucchini, stir, lower heat to just simmering, stirring frequently. You shouldn't need to add any other liquid. While this is cooking, peel a garlic clove and put it in your garlic press.

When the zucchini slices are almost fully tender, stir in the squeezed garlic, turn off heat and sprinkle with the parmesan.
Serve while hot.

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