Rabbit with Tarragon Cream on Pasta

Here is a great use for leftover rabbit, very nice dinner. Preparation time, 10 minutes; Cooking time, 20 minutes. Serves 2

9 oz                cooked rabbit, cut small                255g
1/2                    small onion, slied                    1/2
1/2 cup             cooked chopped mushrooms               125ml
                      butter for sauteéing
                       salt & pepper to taste
                        big pinch tarragon
                       small pinch marjoram
                         cream for sauce
                          Favuzzi Fusilli                   135g

Start your pasta water heating.
In large sauce pan, add some butter, equal amount water and onion.
Sauteé onion until creamy-coloured, add chopped mushrooms, cut up rabbit meat, tarragon and marjoram and salt & pepper.
Heat thoroughly while pasta is cooking (9 minutes). When pasta is done, add to the sauce pan with enough cream to make an adequate sauce.

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