Rabbit and Potato Salad

Here's a summer treat - a potato salad with rabbit! Make the night before for a quick lunch on the weekend. Preparation time, 15 minutes (after cooking and chilling); no other cooking. Serves 4.

Have rabbit and potatoes cooked and chilled thoroughly before
beginning preparation. Return each item to refrigeration except
while chopping and mixing.

470 mL         coarse cut, cooked rabbit meat        2 cups
120 mL              chopped sweet pickle            1/2 cup
120 mL                 chopped celery               1/2 cup
15 mL          chopped onion or more, to taste       1 tbsp
230 mL              diced cooked potatoes             1 cup
2 mL                        salt                    1/2 tsp
30 mL                liquid from pickles             2 tbsp
15 mL                    lemon juice                 1 tbsp
60 mL                    mayonnaise                 1/4 cup

Mix first six ingredients lightly but thoroughly. Blend pickle liquid and lemon juice into mayonnaise and mix into the other ingredients. Chill for an hour to blend flavours.

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