Rabbit Hot Pot

Great as an informal dinner, this Oriental-style meal-in-a-bowl can be cooked at the table in a wok over a spirit burner. Preparation time, 20 minutes; Cooking time, 15 minutes. Makes eight servings.

1.5 L                   rabbit stock                 6 cups
                      or chicken stock
1                 rabbit breast meat, boned               1
                and cut into very thin strips
3              green onions, diagonally sliced            3
250 mL           broccoli florets and stalks          1 cup
                      sliced diagonally
250 mL                 chopped spinach                1 cup
250 mL                  bean sprouts                  1 cup
50 mL                    kernel corn                1/4 cup
2               nests, very fine egg noodles              2
                        (about 90 g)

25 mL                    dry sherry                  2 tbsp
25 mL                     soy sauce                  2 tbsp
15 mL                   ground ginger                1 tbsp
2 mL                 crushed dry chilies            1/2 tsp
2                  cloves garlic, crushed                 2
10 mL               toasted sesame seeds              2 tsp

In a medium bowl, combine rabbit and marinade ingredients. Mix well and set aside.

In a large wok or stock pot, bring stock to boil. Add green onions and broccoli; cook for 3 minutes. Add spinach, bean sprouts and corn; cook for 3 minutes. Add rabbit mixture with marinade and egg noodles; cook for further 3 to 5 minutes. Ladle soup into bowls and garnish with toasted sesame seeds.

From: Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food, 1987

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