Rabbit Pesto

Preparation time, 15 minutes; Cooking time, 25 minutes. Serves 2.

What to do with leftover Thannksgiving's Day rabbit? That was the question for a quick dinner last week. It should be pasta night, so I look in the fridge, bingo, a jar of PC Splendido Tomato Pesto. So dinner is a pan of sautéed summer squash, and this rabbit-pesto pasta dish.

300g           cut up boneless stewed rabbit           9 oz
60 mL                       butter                  1/4 cup
60 mL             PC Spendido Tomato Pesto          1/4 cup
pinch                     dried basil                 pinch
pinch                dried Italian herbs              pinch
150g             la Molisana #20 Penne Rigate       1/3 pkg
1               freshly squeezed garlic clove             1 
                      salted pasta water

In the pesto pan, I put the butter, the pesto sauce, a pinch each of dried basil and Italian herbs, and a freshly-squeezed garlic clove. I heat this up, and add the leftover braised boneless stewer rabbit, pieces cut up small. This is all mixed and kept hot while the pasta boils, at least 15 minutes. When the pasta is done, I drain it and stir it into the sauce, make the pan of summer squash, make the house salad, and dinner is ready!

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