Chicken with Parmesan

Prep time, 5 minutes; Cooking time, 20 minutes stove top, 45 minutes oven. Serves 2.

An easy, satisfying dinner in one dish.

130g       dark meat of cooked chicken, cut small         4.5 oz
125mL                  chicken stock                      1/2 cup    
              1/2 can romano beans, with juice       
          1/2 can To*Tel Original chopped tomatoes      
280g          mostly-cooked frozen yellow beans           10 oz
pinch              dried Italian herb mix                 pinch
150g           la Molisana pasta, a flat shape            1/3 pkg
                      salted pasta water
1               freshly squeezed garlic clove             1 
125mL                     18% cream                       1/2 cup
30mL                   flour or Panko                     2 tablespoons
125mL                  grated Parmesan                    1/2 cup
185mL                shredded mozzarella                  3/4 cup

While pasta is boiling, into a pan put the cooked chicken, some stock, the pre-cooked yellow beans (or open a can), the chopped tomatoes, the Italian herbs and the romano beans, salt and pepper to taste. Heat this up.

When the pasta is almost ready, to the above pan stir in the squeezed garlic, some flour and cream and heat that up, stirring, and preheat the Brevelle Smart-Oven-Air to Bake, 325 for 45 minutes.

When flour has thickened, add the cooked pasta and mix. Pour this mixture into a buttered casserole then stir in the Parmesan and top with the mozza. Put it in the oven!

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