Best-ever Cream of Celery Soup

This should be a new canned soup, it's that good!
Preparation time, 20 minutes; Cooking time, 60 minutes. Serves 2

You don't have to measure these ingredients, make it as you wish! First I sliced up some cheese smokeys thinly and cut the slices in half. Then in a 4-qt soup kettle, I fried these in butter with half a minced onion, with some salt, pepper and some dried Italian herb mix. Then I added a full litre of chicken stock and two diced carrots and two thinly-sliced (strong-tasting) celery stalks having first pulled the veins out, and a thinly-sliced hot pepper. Allow this to simmer around 45 minutes. Then I added some thawed and cut-small frozen green beans to cook another 15 minutes. I finished with more water added along with some corn starch, 10% cream, a tiny bit of sherry and about 170g of fresh egg fettuccini noodles.


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