The English Sentence

A Concise Guide to Sentence Structure

Copyright (Cdn) #1176730, 2020

Edited by Kathleen McCroskey

There are three versions -
Main book (no exercises) - ISBN 978-1-7775106-0-2 word count 22,234 83 pages.
Main book including exercises - ISBN 978-1-7775106-2-6 word count 35,944 139 pages.
Exercise Book - ISBN 978-1-7775106-1-9 word count 15,544 71 pages
The second item is the other two combined into one unit, as a teacher's edition, but lacking the work space that is available in the Exercise Book.


This book is a conveniently-sized grammar text, an excellent resource for all writers and an excellent text for English grammar classes as well as ESL classes in every country, including China and Africa.

This little book is a re-worked and edited version of a textbook originally published in 1945 which condensed several decades of teaching experience in presenting English grammar instructions to students from grade 7 to college, into an accessible format.
This little book contains more teaching experience per square inch of page than any other English grammar text you can think of.
This little book represents the collective output of an entire community school system (Fort Wayne Community Schools), the inputs and classroom results from scores of teachers over many years, all working toward the best grammar teaching resource available.
This little book was my favourite grammar book in school, and I made the huge mistake of letting someone "borrow" it in 1971, to my perpetual regret.
The study sentences in the Exercise Book are carefully selected so that the grammar feature presently being studied is the only new construction. Later on in the Exercise Book, the study sentences are quotes from great American literature.
All this work, for your study, enjoyment and future reference!

Do your grads leave high school empty-handed?
Why is that?
They should be carrying a copy of this little grammar guide, they would refer to it often in their journey through life.
What are they going to do next after leaving school - write a job resumé?
While all their previous English texts are left behind at school?
This little book has very low printing cost so will not be a burden on your education finances. It is in a persistent file format (print on paper!) that will not be obsoleted by technology changes or by electromagnetic pulse.

Further description of the book is found in the Foreword and the To the Teacher pages.
Page size of the main books are 5.25" x 7.5" (13.25 x 19cm) with stapled covers; page size of the Exercise Book is 3-ring binder size of 21.25 x 27.5cm, 3-hole punch.
For classroom work, you might order a main book less exercises per seat and one Exercise Book per student.
The beauty of this little book, besides its unrivaled pedagogy, is its extremely low printing cost, which makes it an excellent choice for low-income countries around the world.

These books are available now in print-on-demand.
Prices for single copies:
Main book including exercises, C$20
Main book less exercises, C$15
Exercise book C$20
There are HUGE discounts for bulk orders, so that it is inexpensive for school curriculum and to give a copy to your graduating classes.

Message from the Editor for the 2020 edition.


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