Sad State of Affairs in USA - America Didn't Have To End This Way!

My Letter to Obama

The letter below was sent to the White House a few days after the so-called election. The stingy White House contact form allows only half this letter to be inserted, so I just sent the first half with a note to ask me for the remainder. Obviously it was round-filed by the White House. You never were allowed to read this letter since copies of it were rejected by The Washington Post, The New York Times, The Nation, The Rolling Stone, all the "progressive" sites such as The Intercept, Salon, Truth-out, Reader Supported News, and every petition site including Avaaz,, etc. It is their duty to protect the public from all reasonable options to a Trump dictatorship.

People keep repeating that "The Electoral College has to go!" Well, the problem is not just the Electoral College, your entire so-called Constitution has never and will never provide good governance. You only had somewhat acceptable governance as long as the system was populated by people with good intentions. Now you see what can happen when the system is populated by the mean-spirited. Elections in USA are a sham - there is no enumeration of Federal voters so that there is no Federal voter's list and there are no Federal voting rules - the so-called national election is held under various state and county rules. Time to move into the 21st Century!

The national election system is a semi-robotic process, operating without adult supervision, and as you can now see, it can install an absolute turd into the White House. This didn't have to happen - see my letter below, sent just a few days after the so-called election in November 2016:

Dear Mr. President,

We stand today at a turning point in history, where we have the choice to move forward into a new age or stumble and lose everything.

There is no way that Mr. Trump can be handed the reins of power. The election was stolen by a number of dirty tricks and the results must be thrown out. This election result demonstrates just how terrible wrong the American system of governance has gone.

I am proposing that you work with the armed forces to declare a form of martial law until a better system of governance is put in place.

Now is the time, the one and only time to do this; this opportunity will never arise again. Please be brave and do this! This would be your greatest legacy, and you would stand as the founder of the New America, rather than as he who handed the country over to despair.

I am proposing that you stay on as Head of State for two years while these changes are enabled.

I am volunteering to help write a new constitution for the USA, within the next six weeks. I am proposing to enable a federal enumeration of voters in order to establish a federal voter's list so that for the first time in history, there can be a proper federal election in the US under federal voting rules. When that voting system is ready and the new constitution written, there can then be a federal election under the new constitution.

In this new constitution I am proposing that the present (serious) conflict of interest in the Executive Branch be remedied - the President would be Head of State only, not also holding the political job of CEO. The Office of the President would be non-partisan, and he/she would be selected from distinguished elder statesmen, and would serve a 10-year term. The President would be in charge of the State Department and all diplomatic relations with other countries and could negotiate treaties. The President could veto any military action, but could not initiate any military action.

The new constitution would be a contract directly between the federal government and its citizens, and would not mention state governments at all, nor recognize any state influence in the federal sphere. It would be a truly national federal government. The constitution would outline the powers of the federal government as is suited to any national government, and all powers that are not specifically delegated to the federal government would be left to the responsibility of "other levels of government" which remain unnamed. We actually can no longer afford to run three levels of government, one of them is redundant and that is not the federal government. If people want to continue to operate their state governments, they do so at their own cost.

There would only be one house of Congress, there is no need for a "Senate" since states are not to be represented as such within the federal government system. Congress would operate strictly on a parliamentary system, with a prime minister and leader of the opposition; this is the best way to develop practical leadership within the political system, something sorely missing in the present system, as the "Trump phenomenon" represents. It is essential that a fixed-term for Congress be eliminated; there could be an election at any time on a motion of non-confidence, this keeps representatives on their toes, it keeps the people engaged with what is going on in the Congress, and of course there would be a short campaign time, for instance 45 days maximum. As in other parliamentary systems, the prime minister can apply to the President to call an election for Congress at any time. Campaign finance must have a top limit per representative, such as $65,000.

Robert McCroskey
(I am writing as an "ex-pat" living in Canada.)

Why did I say "America didn't have to end this way"? Wait until ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council) completes their end game - all they have to do is capture six more states and they then have enough states on board to force Congress to call a constitutional convention, at which they will put in place the most perfect fascist state in the history of the world!

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Written by Robert McCroskey
Last update 2017-04-03

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